What I've Been Doing In The Off Season

It's January and it's also after the One Of A Kind show. Though it's a lot of work, I want you to know the show was my best yet. So many thanks to those who came by. The show can be very crowded and hard to navigate but oh so much fun! I told everyone I wasn't taking orders until February because I was taking a little time off. Well, within days of the show I received an order I couldn't pass up from a Chicago organization. It took everyday except Christmas Eve and Christmas to get the job done on time. I'm finally seeing the light (pun: I work in my darkroom) and all 200 sets of tile coasters are on their way. Hooray!!!

Now it's time to concentrate on the February orders, clean my studio, office and prepare for summer shows. Not to mention my BIG reveal which I'll announce next week. Can't wait!!