I was hooked from the first moment I watched an image appear in the developing tray. Now, many years later I still find  joy in creating an image from the world around me. I have been fortunate to be able to pursue my career in photography but I must say it hasn't all been easy. The shift from film to digital was a big learning curve and then when the iPhone came out my portrait studio took a hit. I closed my studio (which I loved) in 2011 and began experimenting with different forms of presentations. The hand transfers on marble were an instant success and not long after I began working with resins. 

My business has been growing each year since I switched my focus from the studio to participating in art fairs and galleries. I have met so many wonderful artists and clients along the way. I would say my life is fuller now because of the choices I have made with my photographic career. So, I thank YOU for coming to my site. My hope is that you'll see something that has a certain feeling or meaning for you. I will be adding more images so check back again later for updates.

Juana Ryan